Sanghyun Kim

Student in 아테네, 미국

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Young Man With Two Different Environment

How do you think about living in America? Six years ago, it was the first sentence when my dad started talked about moving to America. America? People around me said it is a great opportunity but I was too young and immature to understand their ideas. Because I had never considered about living in different country, I was scared and nervous. Stereotypes about America, such as gunfire every night, racisms, and discrimination, made me hesitate to decide. Especially, language and culture differences were the worst barriers.

Because my dad came to United States earlier than my whole family, I should translate everything for my family. When I arrived Atlanta Airport, it was a huge shock. When my family had to go through immigration interview, I could not even understand "how old are you?". Surely, I knew couple basic sentences, but when the natives talked, I could not understand. I had been studying English about five years and I was doing well and proud of myself. However, that moment made me feel frustrated.

My school life in United States was not easy either. Classes in English were not easy to understand, and making friends was not easy either. I blamed my dad for my struggle. My life in Korea was not like that. I was doing well in class with good friends and people around me. Moving to America changed my whole life. I was totally alone. I had nowhere to go. I had no one to talk. It was the worst time in my life.

I tried to go through all my obstacles. I started watching a US film without subtitles, reading English book without translation, and staying away from my native language. As a result, my English was improved and I got used to American culture. After successfully graduating high school, now I am here in University of Georgia.