A few couple of years ago he was tired, after attending a lot of test (near about 35). But everytime he was through out due to lack of approach he have. Though he had taught in Govt. primary school and given tution to all the students from fifth class to senior secondry sudents but he can't survive from all this. He has also done jobs as computer operator in two other companies, but not satisfied there. In this time he had continued his studies of master degree. After complition of master degree, once he was sitting and reading a poem of river which makes his path own. From that poem he got inspired and come to the city chandigarh. Here he had started a job in call center. After sometime a friend of his concenrned give him oppurtunity to join internet marketing. But it is impossible to left a job of high pays to a little one. But after ten days he decided to left the job and join this field of marketing. Now he is working in this feild of marketing with full confidence. With his all courage he is now continuing his job and gone to be married. He is working as a SEO team lead in a reputated LLC company. He is not for everyone. He loves his little world. He is full of surprises, single words and mixed colors. Sometimes it has a blue sky, others storm. Inside dreams fit all tamanhos.Mas not fit very gente.Todays people who are into it are not by chance are necessary.

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