Patrice Covington


I belt and frolick on stages near an far. It's all I know how to do! Yoga is my medicine. I am obsessed with weave and makeup! I love me and life and everything else energetic. That's the short version.... If that's not enough for you....

“I am a performer simply because have to perform.” I literally forget whom I last talked to while I am singing. My friends say I black out sometimes. It’s true. I do. I feel accomplished if I can make the audience forget too. I want everyone to “black out” and just be in that very moment.”

“Touring creates memories all around the globe while doing what I love the most. I can’t tell you how many stories begin with “remember when we were in Portland” or “Japan”, or “Boston”. I have had the opportunity to go to so many cities and countries. It’s lovely to be introduced to a variety of cultures and ways of life.”

“I think what makes me different is my Broadway acting career. I love to tell a story with my eyes, smile, and body language. I do believe that everyone is a soul singer. As opposed to “soul” being a genre. People’s souls change and therefore voices change. I like that about me and how when I am growing and changing in life my voice changes too.”

Working in the entertainment industry is a challenging but rewarding career. A strong spiritual foundation, working out, eating well and practicing yoga help create a well-rounded life outside of performing for me.

I say, I live, I am... “Don’t be a star, be a galaxy”,

  • Work
    • Singer, Actor, Model
  • Education
    • Empire State College