Saniya Scott

Gurgaon, India

Come July'14, I would have completed a very happy, exciting and learning year at A year back I would have probably been a newbie to the world of E-comm, but now I feel as if I have belonged to this space fo a while. What has made me stay is that there is actually nothing at all that one can't do over the net and E-commerce has not only cultured my belief further. I have new ideas almost everyday and one day I shall conquer the net with my own idea.

I studied Economics at St. Stephens, am really fond of baking and have started my little bakery too called Bake My Day. I love sports especially football and badminton, live by Yoga and have embarked on a new journey to pain my fingers with learning the guitar(and boy is it testing my patinece)!

  • Work
  • Education
    • St. Stephens College, Delhi University