Saniya Waghray

Project Manager, marketer, and dance teacher in Burbank, California

Saniya Waghray

Project Manager, marketer, and dance teacher in Burbank, California

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Global Product Marketing @ Walt Disney Studios

Women@Disney Strategy Lead

@BSTEMProject Board Member

BollySoul Instructor @ Rock Star Dance Fitness

Photographer | Traveler | Yogi | Reader

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Fairy tales only come true if you make them happen. As someone who has cold emailed and worked plenty of sleepless nights to her dream job, found a way to continue living her passion for dance and given back by encouraging others to do the same - I feel truly blessed to be in this position today. Things to know about me that you can't find on LinkedIn or a resume:

I have an unbelievable appetite for good books (all kinds), country music, and art museums. I like to immerse myself in new cultures every chance I get and have an odd affinity for french fries dipped in ice cream. If there was a Jeopardy category for Disney movies, I would win hands down. Armed with a love of sociology and public speaking, I make it a point to hear as many stories as possible of how people ended up where they are today. Hence, a huge fan of Humans of New York and Humans of India.

I've never pursued anything that I did not have a passion for, and I don't intend to start now. Dance will always be a constant in my life, as will casual photography and writing. In pursuit of a new challenge, I recently took up teaching dance classes, as well as some basic coding (thank you, codecademy!). Always on the search for inspiration, I am in awe of pretty much every TED talk ever done.

As Oprah once said, you get in life what you have the courage to ask for. What will you question next?

Latest read: 'Expect to Win', by Carla Harris

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    • Babson College
    • University College London