Sani Yusuf

London, United Kingdom

The world is a great place with soo many things to learn, adn I intend to learn as much as I can. Founded Nuclear Remix in 2009. Multi award winning Mobile applications from the likes of Microsoft, Samsung and Aimia LTD.

Cross platform mobile development is an area I love. I think all programs should be made cross platform, so they are not limited by platforms.

I like open source and Ionic, and Polymer I have my eye on. I spend most of my time programming and developing mobile applications. I am a very keen football fan with Arsenal at the center of my hearth. I will amost always want to use Angular JS, for everything.

I believe someday, Javascript will be a 1st class citezen of programming.

  • Work
    • Huddlebuy
  • Education
    • Loral International Schools, Nigeria
    • LBIC - London Brunel International College
    • Brunel University