sanjana jon

Artist in Gurugram, India

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Sanjana Jon started her career working with her brother Anand Jon in

New York and they created a jewelry line together which was highly

appreciated by Iman and late David Bowie, Barbara Hershey supporting AMFAR.

Then they worked on the mens collection which was highlighted by Bruce

Springsteen, Backstreet Boys The Artist formerly known as Prince,

Collective Soul, Matchbox 20 to name a few. Her acclaimed debut was at

Cannes for the Film Festival supported by Prince Albert of Monaco,

Princess Sorayya, Princess Sara Al Saud, Princess Olivia de Borbon and

more this led to the New York Fashion week debut and Vancouver fashion

week where she won International Rising Star award.

fashion with heart

has been propagated by her where every show or event supports a

charity or cause and Sanjana Jon has been a socially motivated

person since her school and college days with her brother Anand Jon used to provide food and clothing to the underprivileged kids and read

for the blind students.

A special sanctuary was set for more than a

100 tigers in Florida and special campaign was organized with Anand

Jon & Michelle Rodriegez to save tigers and animals globally.Paws for

style where celebs walked with their pets was again highlighted and

supported by Sanjana and Anand Jon to create love for animals.

Donald Trump and family, Paris and Nicky Hilton, Amanda and Lydia Hearst, Lauren Bush and more than 10 Miss Universeshave worked on projects and shows with Sanjana Jon. She tied up with United Nations and held a press conference in the New York headquarters. In India, she worked withCARE International in hopes of a united

front to combat the increasing

pandemic of AIDS. Fashion to Sanjana is not the end but the means to

the end which is to make the world a better place filled with love and

light. The Sanjana Jon AIDS Awareness Tour toured most major Indian

cities. She has also organized events to fight for Truth and Justice

against racism with various models and celebrities and initiated

several promotional campaigns in NY and LA against racism.


organized protests against racism in Bombay and Delhi and put together

a show for Save the Girl Child against female infanticide with 16

celebrity sibli