Sanjana Hattotuwa

Social Media Manager, Public Speaker, and Editor in Colombo, Sri Lanka

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An Ashoka, Rotary World Peace and TED Fellow alumn, Ihave for over fourteen years explored and advocated the use of Information andCommunications Technologies (ICTs) to strengthen a just peace, reconciliation,human rights and democratic governance. I set up and curate the award winning Groundviews, Sri Lanka's first citizenjournalism website. An expert on new media literacy, web activism, digitalsecurity and online advocacy in Sri Lanka and internationally, I also work extensivelyon the advancement of information management during crises, both sudden-onsetand protracted. I am a recognized expert and trainer on digital security foractivists and journalists at risk, using technology and encryption to capture,disseminate and archive vital stories during the war in Sri Lanka and inaustere human rights contexts.