Sanjay Gupta

"Whenever I hear somebody sigh 'life is hard', I'm most tempted to ask, 'compared to what'?"

It was a bright afternoon, I boarded the '11' number Bus from Shahdara for getting my company registered, 30 years back; 'Yes' 30 years back. We were done with the official formalities around 5 p.m. and I was a proud founder of my company, although not very sure of what will it would be like, 3 decades from then. Well, it's been quite a journey!

I write this in humble gratitude for expressing my deepest thankfulness and respect for all those people who have come across, been a part of my company as a customer, a partner, an employee, a vendor or a competitor. Well, all have taught me lessons in life in general and also w.r.t. business. To me the bad experiences are as good in memory as the good ones. The bad ones have taught me a lot and have helped me create better experiences in my life.

I started my core business with no one as my Godfather, but God helped me shape up my work. When I look back, I see the road was most certainly full of the ups and downs but the resultant is most certainly a positive curve.

I have lived my life with a simple principle of giving in every form to all those who have been associated with me.

Though when I still look back I think it's been quite a journey, from that '11' no. bus to my Mercedes (brings embarrassment to me in mentioning this, I'm not trying to toot my horn though ;)

I completely owe it to the people who have stood by me forever, to whom I hold my deepest regards; especially I would not want to miss my parents and my beloved wife. And now I am happy and proud to have my 2 pillars, my sons who have already taken up the responsibilities quite well and I am sure they will take up my journey with me to where even I might not have imagined.

Cheers! 30 years of Business and still kicking...