Sanjay Rajeswaran

Python/Django Developer in Chennai, India

A self-taught programmer and a python enthusiast with 2+ Years of software development expertise gained from freelance and enterprise software development.

Coffee lover and a can-do person. Inspired by the Internet and driven by Technology. I'm always ready to get my hands dirty when it comes to programming.


B.Tech in Information Technology

Areas of knowledge?

- Python, Django, Amazon Web Services, AI Chatbots, web-scraping, REST APIs, SQL, NO-SQL(DynamoDB, MongoDB, Firebase), DialogFlow, GIT, Heroku, Android development basics.

- I have an extra edge towards Back-end Development.

- Self Learning and experimenting have brought me to thus far and in future, i wish to go further by learning other technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence.

Work Experience?

- Freelance Python / Django / Firebase Backend Developer at Tanihub. (An Indonesian Startup)

- Freelance web/data-scraper at an Indian Startup.

- And some more freelance projects regarding Web Scraping, Scripting, REST APIs and backend development.

Current - Backend engineer at Zucumber, responsible for the design and implementation of chatbots, Back-end and REST APIs.

Notable Projects?


- Sarah (Appointment Booking Chatbot)


- Queste (Survey Bot)


- And few more chatbots running on Skype, Telegram and Slack.


- Zucumber (Automated appointment management.)


- E-commerce search Engine with Python/Django.


- Django App with Firebase Backend.


Future Plans?

- Get my hands into machine learning.

Long term goals?

- Build a Python product from ground-up.

Social Links?

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Bitbucket - sanjayortiz

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Wanna Talk?

skype - sanjay.ortiz

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