Sanjay Chaubey

Sanjay Chaubey, the president of a major Manhattan law firm, offers his pro bono legal expertise to the community. He volunteers these services at the Lions Clubs International at Hindu Center Temple in Flushing. Additionally, Mr. Chaubey makes donations to the Hindu Center Temple, in Flushing, Queens, and in Richmond Hills, Queens. Involved in the legal, business, and Indian community, he holds membership in several groups, including the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the Asia Society, and the New York City Bar Association. For 2010 and 2011, Mr. Chaubey served on the New York State Bar's Committee on Civil Practice Law and Rules. Having begun his career in Delhi, India, Sanjay Chaubey is also President of the Indo-American Lawyers Association, holds membership in the Delhi High Court Bar Association, and is admitted to practice law in India. Graduating with honors, Sanjay Chaubey received his Bachelor of Laws and his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Delhi. He moved from New Delhi to White Plains, New York, in 1994 to attend Pace Law School, where he earned his Master’s degree in Environmental Law. While attending Pace Law School, Sanjay Chaubey worked for Associate Professor Shelby Green, conducting research in U.S. land use policy. The Law Offices of Sanjay Chaubey serves a variety of clients including the South Asian business community. The firm helps small and medium companies in southern Asia with legal actions, including real estate, franchise law, corporate law, and project financing. The Law Offices of Sanjay Chaubey also excels in immigration law, helping clients who seek out nonimmigrant visas, labor certification, citizenship, lawful permanent residency, and more to acquire what they need. Additionally, this firm provides a number of business transaction services, assisting companies in the U.S. and internationally with interest safeguarding, negotiations and litigation, license transfer matters, business contracts, and a number of other options. In addition to immigration law and business transactions, the Law Offices of Sanjay Chaubey assists companies and individuals with corporate legal matters and litigation processes.