Sanjay D Gohil

Photography has always played a huge part in my life; whether it was taking photographs with my dad's Olympus SLR camera when I was 5 years old, studying photography at university, or even processing 35mm film roles whilst working at Colorama in Wembley! It’s true to say that photography has been fused into my life in many ways and during 2002 on a trip to Australia, I bought my very first SLR camera! I always dreamt of having my home full of my own work on the walls and I believed that this would be the start of something great! Fast forward to 2007, unknowingly, the dream of becoming a Professional Photographer started to become a reality when my cousin asked me to photograph her Registry Marriage (and all of the home functions). I graciously accepted and knew it was a BIG responsibility; little did I know where it would lead to. After uploading a handful of my cousin’s photographs to Facebook, a professional photographer contacted me while on his honeymoon (without his wife knowing!) and expressed an interest in my style of photography. He asked if I wanted to break into the Wedding Photography business, I said yes and it was the beginning of Sanjay D Gohil Photography and the rest, as they say, is history! Wedding photography for me is all about capturing a specific moment in time, which has the emotion, laughter, fun and joy that comes with a celebration such as a wedding. Getting to know my clients is really important as I want them to be 100% comfortable with me on the day of their wedding as it can be quite daunting having cameras in your face for 6 hours! I like to keep in touch with my clients, offer help and advise where I can and really act more as a friend rather than just their wedding photographer.

I’m passionate about what I do, so on the big day, I’m always buzzing with excitement, and I love the vibe you get from a wedding. It’s always a fun place to be at! I guess I feed off the buzz of a wedding and this helps me to take the shots that will make people go ‘WOW’.

I look forward to capturing Your Memories through My Eyes.