Sanja Zeman

Byron Bay Australia

Hi, my name is Sanja Zeman, creator of the 'Success Blueprint'. Through my company Brainworx, I specialise in helping individuals and businesses 'Build Strength with Sense'. I help you to -

  • Discover your hardwired Sensory Blueprint, which allows you to unmask your unique foundation for power and success;
  • Understand why you connect differently to different people, and how to leverage these differences in your relationships;
  • Learn which environments and situations bring out your best and 'fire you up' with the energy and momentum to succeed;
  • Understand how to avoid stress and manage yourself in any situation;
  • Discover how to simply and easily use your strengths to create your best life, on your unique bandwidth, and avoid wasting time on meaningless static that clutters your world and distracts you.

As a healthcare professional I bring with me over 25 years as a medico legal adviser and consultant to business, the legal fraternity, insurance industry, and assisting individuals with the greastest personal challenges to regain their life. I am now sharing this knowledge with you and your business, seeking to inspire and advise on how to harness best practice thinking and cutting edge science to drive success - bridging the gap between perception and reality, building strength with sense.

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