Sanjeet Sonny Veen

Sanjeet “Sonny” Veen immigrated to the United States decades ago. He is the embodiment of an individual who has been able to successfully achieve the American dream. He overcame racial and cultural barriers to obtain the success he needed to thrive. Through his example of working consistently amidst many obstacles, Sanjeet “Sonny” Veen is an example of defying obstacles to attain and live the American dream. Sanjeet “Sonny” Veen has previously owned several businesses in the past and also worked as a manager at an accounting firm. Today, he lives out his passion in teaching the youth life skills for attaining a successful future. He is planning on pursuing a PhD in Psychology in order to better help people going through problems overcome it and thrive. Sanjeet “Sonny” Veen possesses the key skills and knowledge of how to start a business and he is excited to help lost youths build their careers and get established in the career world. With a background of vast corporate experience, he understands what skills are needed to make a successful living in this country. Through offering advice on how to write resumes and acquire the right job, Sanjeet “Sonny” Veen is investing in the future of society. Without mentors and counselors, such as Sonny, the world would be at a loss. Whether you are a new college graduate, or a seasoned CEO of a large corporation, having mentors to learn from and being a being a mentor helps strengthen oneself and society as a whole. He started volunteering to help people a few years ago, and his appreciation and interests in helping people continue to grow. His favorite mentoring experience would be when he helped inspire and motivate a college student who was considering leaving school to pursue his degree, amidst all the challenges. Sanjeet “Sonny” Veen finds mentoring to be one of the most rewarding careers, as imparting his knowledge onto others helps foster a positive spirit and gives them the confidence to go out into the world and achieve their dreams. Sanjeet “Sonny” Veen has learned a wealth of information over the years, not only through business, but also through traveling the world and raising a family. He and his wife have been married for 24 years and have three children. He is most influenced by his wife, who has always been a beacon of light and guidance for him. He is interested in starting blogs on travel, as well as writing about spirituality and Buddhism.