Sanjeev Gupta

Small Business Owner, Consultant, and Public Speaker in Bengaluru, India

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I am a small business owner, yoga counsellor, and father to two lovely kids currently living in Bengaluru, India. I am interested in reading new advents in science and spirituality, watching movies, and writing about my experiences in healthcare.

I am a Chartered Accountant by education and job experience with a keen interest in healthcare. I have been a Yoga Practitioner from childhood with a vision that general well being of a human being can be achieved by being as close to nature as possible.

With this goal in mind, I co-founded a healthcare company which has set up a chain of Stress and Lifestyle Clinics under the Brand Name "Yogaksema Clinics" to provide an option to the world to Integrate modern day medicine with traditional medicine. The goal of the new healthcare company is to provide an evidence backed natural medicine options so that it enhances modern day medicine for overall health and well being.

The evidence for traditional and natural medicine is achieved by putting the age old principle of Traditional Medicine to scientific tests, clinical studies and rigorous research methodology. The end result is a lifestyle intervention prescription for Yogaksema patrons that encompass Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, Acupuncture and Nutrition Supplements either by themselves or in combination. The prescription is provided as part of Lifestyle Intervention Program (LIP) to heal mind-body as a whole rather than targeting only one ailment at a time.

The success of Yogaksema lies in modern day medicine embracing evidence based traditional medicine techniques that complement and not contradict the entire treatment regimen. The evidence based therapy starts where modern day medicine treatment ends.

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