Sanjeev Kapoor

Event Management in Bengaluru, India

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About myself, I can say that I have born as an eldest son in a Joint Family, I was born and bought up in Delhi and now settled in Bangalore.

I have done all my education in Delhi with good participation in various extra curricular activities like Debate, painting, athletics etc. I was an average student in my class but enjoyed good reputation with Teachers and seniors. I have made lots of friends, starting from school time to till now. One of my friend is from my toddler age.

After graduation I got my first JOB in DCM, there I worked almost 4-5 years and after that started my own Finance business. In 1998, got married with BHARATI and blessed by son VISHESH and daughter VIDISHA.

As the destiny demand, got an opportunity to join my cousin's Event Management Company in Delhi who later, shift me at Bangalore as Branch Head. Bangalore gave me good exposure and opportunity to start my Audio Visual and Event Management agency and got evolved in the name of Scorpio Events Mangement Pvt Ltd.

Currently I have 48 people staff in Scorpio Events, who love and respect me like their elder brother as do I.

More I can describe myself as a self-controlled and calm, with immense self-confidence , self-discipline, tenacity and willpower, and a highly sensitive and emotional person.

For me, union with the beloved is a sacrament, an "outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace.".

I like Truth speaking people and love to speak truth beside hiding anything, I like to be involved in each activity in which I m participating and work for meaningful sense and being persuasive.

I don't like when people try to take my advantage and taking me for granted or taking me lightly , I don't like demeaning Jobs and short term relationship, I can say I m result oriented person and like the same category people.

Being a workaholic analysis my self on a daily basis and doesn't like to kill time on unworthy things.

I m dead serious in my mission (JOB or Personal life ), and time to time analysis my progress.

My Dream is : My Home to be as warm and safe as Haven.....................


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