Sanjib Chowdhury


We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves as the Designer and Manufacturers of various types of Machines/Equipments for Solvent plants, Rice Industries, Sugar Plants, Coal Washeries, Power Plant, Cement Plant including Conveying Systems and Special Purpose Machines.

Unpacked material which can be granular, lumpy or Powdery can be designed to transfer at any height or any distance horizontally and warehouse to warehouse. The specialty of our design ensures zero spillage and hundred percent transfer at any distance or height within the given time at transfer rate required for feed and discharge points.

We design manufacture and install Truck Loaders and Bag Stackers. Our Loaders and Stackers are very easily maneuverable and can be operated by any skilled or unskilled worker. They can be either Hydraulic type or Mechanical type. Our Truck Loaders and Stackers are appreciated by the leading Solvent Extraction plants for DOC transfer and loading of Cartons in trucks.

Besides this we also undertake repairing and modification jobs for various machine for improving their performance or to suit the user. The spares like pulley and other regular consumables are also manufactured by us.

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