Sanjib Chatterjee

Kolkata , India

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Web Application:

Php Framework: Template Engine,CakePhp,Smarty

Javascript : Normal Javascript,Jquery,Ext-JS

Database: Mysql

Web Server:: Apache

Architecture: Object Oriented,MVC, and as well as Normal data approach

Web Mobile Application:

Interface: Html5,CSS3

Javascript : JQuery Mobile

GIS Based Application:

Map server: Ms4w

Framework: Geomoose2

Javascript Framework: Openlayers2

Database: PostGis,post GreSql

Script: Map script

Hosting Management Tool:

Amazon : AWS Management Console,Amazon EC2

Other 3rd Party : Cpanel

Opensource: Zpanel

CMS and Opensource Customization

Drupal 7 [CMS]

osCommeerce [ecommerce]

Vtiger [CRM]

orangeHRM [HR]

dotProject [Project management ]

Owl [Document management ]

Glpi [Asset management ]

Testing Tool

Automature Zug