Sanjiv Sethi

Locum Optometrist in Retford, United Kingdom

Sanjiv Sethi

Locum Optometrist in Retford, United Kingdom

What’s up, I’m Sanjiv.

I am a locum optometrist covering South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and parts of Lincolnshire. I have been an expert in eyes for close to 30 years and love getting people to see.

Within optics I am a committee member on the Doncaster and Bassetlaw LOC and I am also a College Facilitator.

My communications skills and emotional intelligence are enhanced by my qualification in NLP.

In addition to routine eye examinations, I am accredited for MECS and for the Stable Glaucoma scheme in my area.

I love the challenge that goes with the fitting of contact lenses and I can use many of the practice management and eye examination software programs out there today, including SOCRATES, Acuitas, Optix and TOMi.

And when it comes to hardware, I can use OCT (Nidek and Topcon) and other advanced instrumentation.

I am a fan of cycling (on the road), dogs (I have 2 GSDs), rugby (England and Tigers) and cricket (come on, India).

I’m also interested in astronomy and photography.

In addition, I also show vendors how to sell their properties, quickly and professionally, all for free.