Sanjog Dutta


I am Truth with dirt on my face. Beauty with a cut on my finger, Wisdom with bubble gum in my hair and Hope of the future with a frog in my pocket.

I love great photography, especially photos that communicate ideas, stimulate our minds, and open our eyes to the beautiful world around us.

Others describe it best.!

"You are someone who has a thirsty-for-knowledge mind; a multi-tasking brain; a beautifully compassionate heart and a level head- sure fire concoction for a successful human being."

Archana Tamang Lama

".. after reading a bit about you, I don't think I have made a mistake or added someone good for nothing.. You are worth knowing..."

A. Pande, Freelance Journalist

Sanjog's works show a lot of promise. Mature for his age, never short of ideas, innovation is his strength. My sincere wishes to him!"

Nirmika Subba, Dept. of English, SIEM, Siliguri

"You're a nice person with a nice heart. You're sweet, and cute too. haha.. ani.. ur too kiddish.. But at the same time, very talented. The most important thing, you're very very very caring! And friendly! The only thing is u get mad very fast but easy to handle."

Zeba Shah, Kathmandu

"Ok, what I really appreciate in you is that you are make things dont wait for things to take a turn. You are super prompt, react immediately to situations and new information, waste no time, know your time limitations, etc. That is what you will always require to do if you want to run a successful company."

Joel Rai, Associate Editor, Business Standard

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