On the way to my office...

Why didn’t I stop to see what he was doing? I can’t, I don’t know whether my heart can hold so much pain. I can hold the pain of losing a love but not this. I saw a man carrying the rice winnows. He was carrying around five to eight of them together and he was looking down. He was so lean and was wearingwhite dhoti and shirt which is almost kind of dirty and turned brown color. May be he is above 90. I don’t know whether he looked down because mud went into his eyes when the bus passed by him. Or was he blind?

I passed him and that scene stopped me. I could see that he was not wearing slippers. I Want to know what he does and where he goes. Another bus came and he somehow managed to enter. I know the people in the bus will be least bothered to help him. I followed that bus.. May be he carried this to his shop. The bus stopped after half an hour and with so much difficulty he got down. You know when people carry those things in bus how people will treat them. First of all there won’t be enough space for people to stand in bus upon that he is carrying those things. He got down; my heart started bleeding seeing him keeping his naked foot on the hot summer mud. Does he feel the heat? Or it doesn’t matter to him? I saw him carrying this to his small shop where very little things are kept and sold.

He sold those winnows because people need that. He gets hardly one rupee profit selling those. Then why the hell he takes so much difficulty in selling those? He answered; I am selling these winnows from many years. People use to buy that. He never bothered about the profit. He feels peace. There is a soul who feels happy and shows it out with his teeth less mouth. So many things went inside my head. Is he still living years back? Why can’t he sell something else? There is a big shop near by his were all those things are sold. He is not trying to compete with them. If he wants also he cant. What logic is this? What should I ask him again?Why I am here in front of his shop? I was about to go to office. What should I do now?