Sanjeev Joshi

Columbia, South Carolina

Cherubic, Stupefied, Esoteric, Iconoclast, Agnostic at times yet immaculate.....ultimately a persona wid axiomatic n personified smile all d way formula of 7'S suits for me..........its a very popular formula so advertise it okay 7S - 7 being my lucky number Smart Sexy Special Smiling Sensible Shy Sanjeev finally .... last but not the least I am a true worshiper of FRIENDSHIP ...

  • Work
    • Department of Geography, University of South Carolina
  • Education
    • Shree kanchan Vidya Mandir Higher Secondary School (MNNR)
    • Shree Kanchan Vidya Mandir
    • Tribhuvan University
    • LSU
    • institute of forestry