Sanket J

I am a normal person like you So please dont imagine a out of the world person. When I was a kid like all I love building Castle in air I will do this, I will do that. As I grew up I was taught world is selfish so be afraid of world, Life is hectic take it as it comes, Money is hard to earn so do hardwork. I completed my Graduation from my college in Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Insurance. As I was taught about a certain topic of Banking I was on my way to search jobs in banks as we all would do.
Then I gave some 10 - 15 interview and Finally, finally I got job in A Well known Bank in India. Started working their and start to settle with people around.
It was a classic experience their, started earning income every month end date. I stay there for 6 months trying to cope with my job pressure, but I will be gratefull for my Job because it gave me a classic example 'WHAT I DONT WANT TO DO IN MY LIFE'.:)
So One Day I Quit and took a small break. My Parents were like they are gonna kill me and asked me WHY I LEFT THE JOB? I smiled and said, " Because I want to..."
So then started searching for PASSION OF MY LIFE?
What is there special in me? I am just a Guy Next Door who helps my friend when they are in trouble.
I am just a Guy loves my Pet. I am just a guy with little creativity. What Can I Do With My Boring Life?
Then I got A book named "the Secret The Magic" written by Rhonda Bryne I started reading that book. After reading that book for 5 days I Discover My Passions For Life. I am a Guy Who can Help Millions like Me Discovering their passion of life. I am a guy with great Creativity that I can use in this mission. I am loving Guy who loves to be around pets.
Hahaha Friends I was amazed to see I discover my passion in my Questions I asked Myself.

So Now I have a crystal clear goal to bring vibrant changes in life's of MILLIONS by inspiring them on working in way of their passion. I will be Trained under Janet Attwood who is the co-author of "The Passion Test- The Effortless Path To Discovering Your Life Purpose." and One Of The Best Transformational Speaker in the World So Now I am about To Start My Own Workshops In India "Live with Magic of Passion". So Guys lets work on our passion and make miracles happen...:)
Lets work together and make miracles happen...