Sanket Ambike

Founder and Director in Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Entrepreneurial by nature, Sanket embarked on his first business venture, thinkAI at the age of twenty-one. His goal is to build an AI ecosystem in India, and lead India to have a significant take in global AI revolution. With very belief in spreading wisdom and getting young minds into business by overcoming geographical, financial, physical and psychological barriers, drove him to start Podcast ‘Change with Sanket Ambike’, in May 2019. With over 300+ hits and 33+ downloads for his first ever episode ‘Time Investment’ his Podcast channel is a thriving community from business people to students across India.

From the inception of thinkAI, Sanket has committed not only to the quality of excellence associated with the services that the company provides, but to actually make a difference to lives of people around him.

Ambike is an information technologist, an unconventional entrepreneur, a voracious reader, and a speaker with a humanist dimension. His personal path as a self made entrepreneur, resembles that of resilient people; he can draw lessons from both his successes and failures. Along with a contagious optimism and outstanding intuition, he has an unshakable faith in his abilities. He is strongly committed to pass on his set of values and moral principles. He knows that the human factor is key to the success of a business initiative.

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    • thinkAI
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    • University of Pune