Sanket Patel

Software Engineer in Hershey, Pennsylvania

I am a full stack web and mobile developer helping start ups solve complex real world problems with the help of great design and technology. I have been in the field for over 7+ years and enjoying each and every bit of it. I am passionate about software architecture, design patterns, UX design, performance optimization.

I truly believe in the fact that technology should be invisible. I want to architect and develop software systems that relates to this philosophy. Software systems should be designed to make things better and faster instead of making people to make efforts to learn them. That is my ultimate goal.

I work with,

* Java

* J2EE

* Spring

* Hibernet

* MySql

* ZK (ajax based web development)

* GWT (google web toolkit)

* Ajax/XML/Json


* JavaScript / jQuery

* Codename One (cross platform mobile app development)

* Liferay/Wordpress/Joomla (CMS)

* Adobe Photoshot

* Twitter Bootstrap

  • Work
  • Education
    • Sardar Patel University