shawna quinn

Hi. I'm Shawna. And I'm a teenage mutant ninja turtle motherfucker.

(est. September 26th 1996.)

I'm 16.

Sports, Music, and Girls.

I have a terrible sense of humor.

Let's talk about sports. Okay. So basically i'm a huge sportsbuff. BUT I refused to play any sports for my school, until last year. Ya' know. Whatever YOLO. LOL. That was gay. Back on topic, I love Hockey, Softball, Baseball, Football, AND ESPECIALLY SOCCER. OHMYGOD. Soccer is my favorite sport, but that's the one i refuse to play in public, i don't really like the people that play at my school. They're all like snotty, and think they're all that and a bag of chips. My all time favorite soccer team is Chelsea. BUT My all time favorite NFL team is The Steelers, i would watch football all year round if I could. I played softball last year, and I was mostly center field, because that's my shit.

How about Music? Do you like music? 'Cause if you don't, there's something wrong with you. Seriously. You need to be checked. I love anything basically. Except some things. I love music in general because it's all different. All the lyrics are different, each song tells a different story. AND Sometimes, if you're listening to something that relates to you, it changes your mood. Seriously. it does. I kid you not. My favorite bands are Sleeping With Sirens, OHMYGOD Kellin Quinn is perfect. Okay? I'll write about him later. But i also like YellowCard, Brantley Gilbert, ELVIS<3 Bring Me The Horizon, and a lot more. I like classical music too. -.- Legit. my music taste ranges around everything. I play the guitar (acoustic), Flute, and some piano. [=

Kellin Quinn, & Elvis Presley. I just love them okay? There's nothing wrong with that right? Seriously, if i'm upset i just play one of SWS'S or Elvis Presley's songs and i'm immediatly happy.

My girlfriend.

We do everything together, we are so much alike it's insane. She is and forever will bemy best friend, and the love of my life.<3

My favorite seasons are Fall and Spring. To be honest, I hate Summer, and Winter is okay. But Fall and Spring are somewhere inbtween and i like that. yeah,.

Oh. And I'm Gay.