Sanniah Jabeen

Sanniah Jabeen is an undergraduate student at LUMS currently majoring in Humanities. She has a knack of making really bad decisions when it comes to people yet at the same time, pulling through with an uncanny ability of making things work for the best. A crazy person with the bad habit of seeing only the good in everybody, she takes out her frustrations on her laptop and her journal, where she writes poetry, fiction and non fiction, centered mostly satirical comments on the Pakistani society and the many 'charming' people that have entered and left her life. She plans to do an M.A from any prestigious university, teach for two years at an undergrad level and then do an MBA, so that she can do her bit in brightening Pakistan's economy and imparting words of wisdom to the Pakistani youth. She believes in change and making the most of any situation. Passionate about her country, she knows that Pakistani's may make stupid mistakes but Pakistan will pull through as an inspiration for the rest of the world one day. An avid reader, she will gobble up any book especially by Pakistani writers such as Muhammad Hanif, Russian literature by Chekhov, English classics by Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters and the trashy but delicious Sophie Kinsella novels. She adores venturing off into unknown places and hopes to travel the entire world someday especially Vienna, Paris and all of Spain. She's currently specializing in English Literature and is struggling to learn French. Her biggest achievements include heading the team that won the International Space Settlement Design Competition at Johnson Space Centre NASA Houston and the ability to make somebody smile/laugh everyday. A space fanatic, she is currently struggling to find the perfect balance between science and literature without knowing any mathematics at all.