Sanobar Khwaja

I thank Allah for this beautiful life he gave me.

I am working as a Product Manager @ Handy Training Pvt Ltd.

I am a practical person. I love my work and do it with full heart.

I enjoy travelling and checking new places. I have been adventurous since the age of 1.(Tales my mother says)

I strive to provide women with all necessary education in and around my residency and have dream to outreach to the the world

My Goal is to develop myself to a level that I can server other people who fail to develop due to various reasons. Every breath I take I wish to utilize and exhaust it in the path of making the world a better place to live.

After being away from home for many years I decide to come back to my home town with a mission of making a positive change

If you wish to say Hi! do write to me at

..... keep Smiling