Sanskriti Hagar


I am a student of Faculty of management studies at Sri Sri University. Looking forward to pursuing a career as a Human resource Generalist/Manager. I completed my graduation with a Bachelor of technology degree in electronics and communication in 2013 from Sharda University, Delhi. I come from Raipur, Chhattisgarh and have spent most of my childhood enjoying living at a place where i have made great friends and looking forward to travelling to diverse places. My journey till now has been a quest for knowledge and developing passions. An avid reader that i am, i have found growing in myself, an eye for detail and research. I enjoy reading good political/ economic works in both fiction/Non-fiction category. Fault lines, Das Kapital, 1984, India after Gandhi to name a few. One of the passions that i have is that for cooking. I absolutlely adore the intensity and agility that goes into cooking chinese cuisines. This passion followed me even in college. More than anything else, it is public speaking that energizes me the most. To be in a position to inform and inspire people is what makes public speaking so enticing for me. Be it debates / elocution in school or CSR activities in college, i look forward to grabbing every opportunity that comes my way where i can together put to use my reading and speaking skills. In coming years i see myself as an established HR manager and pursue my growing interest in managment consulting to understand various organizational issues where management consultants can provide their expertise.

  • Education
    • Sri Sri University, MBA
    • Sharda University, Electronics and communication engineering