Aaren Makara

Artist in Ohio

Aaren Makara

Artist in Ohio

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Hello!! My name is Aaren. If you would like to, you may refer to be by any of my ID's or kins. If you know my birthname, do not say it or refer to me by it.

I am a pansexual, and I am agender. My pronouns are they/them. Do not refer to me otherwise, please.

My identities are Amethyst from Steven Universe and Sans from Undertale. These characters are 100% me, beyond actual kin, do not follow if you think you identify as either or you don't see me as either.

Main kins (Me, don't follow)Gamzee Makara (Homestuck), Chloe (We Bare Bears).

Secondary kins (Also me, probably won't let you follow) Marceline (Adventure Time), Mabel (Gravity Falls).

Synpaths (Tags, okay fo follow) Opal, Sugilite, and Alexandrite (Steven Universe).

My kins play a major role in my personality and me as a person. It makes me uncomfortable to see those who share my same kins, so please don't follow or request if you identify as any of my main and some secondary kins.

All of my accounts are @cyanpencil and @sanstazzled.

If you associate with Kiersten/Astrid (@necromanto, @slipnoodle, any other accs idk them all) or your name is Kiersten/Astrid, do not follow me at all please.

If you are homophobic, transphobic, kinphobic, fatphobic, ableist, racist, won't refer to me by my preferred pronouns and my name, won't see me as my kins, are -anti- feminist, do not follow me.

If you ship any abusive ship whatsoever (Ex: Tavris) please do not follow.

If you have made it down here, congrats! You have made it into my spam shack and are allowed to see my posts! Dm me "Sans is pun master" and tell me why you want to follow and where you came from!