Siobhan Ewing

Auckland, New Zealand

Love, Play, Creativity & Dreams... and LOTS of COFFEE! I'm a Wife and a Mother & a professional photographer. I love capturing moments so we can remember it all!

I have recently started my own photography business called ZenPix Photography, specialising in family and children's portraits. Check out my Facebook page!

I drink home roasted coffee, supermarket wine and tea with milk & sugar. I watch Sci-Fi, Documentaries and Fantasy films. I play Portal 2, Sims 3 and Borderlands. My kids play iPod and computer games, dress in second-hand clothes and love hugs & kisses. We only own one car, my husband works from home and we live in the cutest little neighbourhood in Auckland. I'm studying photography, I love arts & crafts, blogging, meditation, writing and fine cuisine.

A little erratic, a bit perfectionist, undeniably contemplative, slightly cynical, completely creative and totally smitten with my world. I grew up as a single child on a farm with animals as my siblings, so at times I can be a little selfish too.

I never thought I’d grow up enough to have kids, house and a family, but I did. And I still don’t feel grown up enough to have kids, house and a family. But I do and it's AWESOME!

  • Work
    • Stay-at-home-Mummy
  • Education
    • The Photography Institute