rabbit foot

Artist in New Jersey

rabbit foot

Artist in New Jersey

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I go by Thomas or Malachite


I do not wish to share my age

Pansexual Panromantic

I have PTSD, very strong NPD, and Bipolar Disorder

I possibly have HPD

I post gore sometimes, it will be UNTAGGED. Don't ask me to tag it, I won't

Tell me why you unfollow!!!

Don't follow if:

You support Trump

Blame someone on their skin color (aka "it's because they're white/black/ect.")

Use the n word

Won't interact with my posts (comments are better than likes!!)



Please don't make fun of my kins

IDs. These are actually me, not even a kin or id. these are me flesh and blood. Don't follow if you know someone who has the same because these are me and only me:

Thomas Jefferson (Hamilton) (1. Not factkin 2. I don't claim the race of Thomas from the musical)

Malachite (Steven Universe)



Elder Connor McKinley (Book of Mormon)

Pearl (Steven Universe)



Nigel Bottom (Something Rotten)

J.D. (Heathers the musical)




Cat (Black & White, all white with black paws)

Arctic Fox



Pokekins!! These are ok to follow

IDs, TAG ME!!!!:

Sylveon [normal + shiny]



Mimikkyu (Tag me as Mimikkyu)



DM me a picture of my IDs to be accepted