Santa Fe - Design History

Santa Fe, New Mexico and Southern California

Santa Fe - Design History

Santa Fe, New Mexico and Southern California

FINAL, Due May 14 (along with all outstanding and reworked papers)

Make a case for your favorite style. 6-page essay, double-spaced, include images. Download this PDF for what to include in your Favorite style paper.

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Research 10 - Artists talking about their work

On the website,

Pick an artist

Pick a quote (found towards the bottom of the page)

Pick an work of their art.

Describe how the quotation applies to the work.

On Thursday, we'll be talking about J.S.G. Boggs. Boggs-Value-Weschler-NYer.pdf. The video of Andy Warhol questioned whether his work had any value. Does Boggs'?

Research 9 - Postmodern Design. Choose an design from


. What is your reaction to the design?

Read Drucker, Chapter 14 -- Postmodernism in Design.

Research 8—Advertising

Choose an ad from one of the five in this file, 5PrintAdvertisments.pdf, and answer the following questions:

1. Who do you thin this aid is aimed at (gender, age?)

2. What is the ad trying to get you to buy or do?

3. Would you be persuaded by the ad?

4. What tells you this ad is from another time period?

Research 7—Corporate Identity and International Style

Homework: Choose a logo (from any time period) and explore what it means. One source for ideas is Logopedia (they only go back to 1990, you could go further). What is the company or organization? What do they do or make? What image or ideas do you feel that they project with their logo? Up to 1 page, double spaced. Please include your image!