Santari Green

Life Coach, Writer, and Small Business Owner in Wells, UK

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I am a lover of life. My focus is on creating amazing inner journey adventures with people; to explore the depth and breadth of their passions; to unleash their genius and creative potential, and to bring all that into their daily lived reality so that they are forever richly empowered by knowing what is possible.

I host webinars and workshops on a variety of topics, including writing magical stories, and discovering how to commune with dragons and other fantastical beings - for I have an authority in these areas, being a magical being myself! :)

I am a life coach, a coach for Genius Writing, and a nutrition coach. I know how to listen to people, to attune to their potential, and understand what they are seeking to achieve in all areas of their life.

I love people, so find out about me by viewing my websites and by contacting me on Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • Work
    • Nutritional Alchemy
  • Education
    • The Open University