vatakketath ravi

Teacher, Photographer, and Actor in Kerala, India

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my dear bosom friends

i am not dead since 1954.i am a retired teacher.i write poems both in malayalam and english.i translate my malayalam poems as well as that of others into english.i also translate poems from english to malayalam.i chant malayalam poems in public functions i also translate short stories and novel.i review, poems, pantings, photography.i act in stage plays.i painted and sketched pictures while i was a 9th class student. i organize literary functions.

i have published my poems in:

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i am also a member of progressive art and literary union - purogamana kala sahithya sangham.i am a leftist and the member of communist party of india-marxist.

i am dead against religious and racial privileges.i have freedom but not interested in indulgence.