Santhi Nair

Kuala Lumpur

I love being part of HR environment as I'm a people person and love to help people

I crave more as I want to use my creative mind, skills and take risks in the human capital world.

I love working with people who are passionate,risk takers and love to keep the people happy.


I love an organization that loves changes, believes incorporating traditional values of the organization to current times

I'm a fast learner towards changes and learning new things.

I want to be part of change management, talent management, employee engagements, training, education and development, connecting the industries with the education world,be involved in human resoures/ capital projects and campaigns, human capital consultancy, be educationist, a trainer, and more

Now I have started blogging about things I feel passionate about , my experiences and sharing notes with people.

Do I like fame and getting acknowledged for my work? YES, it motivates me to do well in everything I'm passionate about. I always find ways to create opportunities that will lead me to new networks, improvements and new career.

If you believe I have the right attitude for your business, contact me and lets have a chat.

  • Work
    • Working in the HR world - EA &Training Coordinator