Santhosh Kumaar Kondabathini

Born in early 20th Century when it was great social, economic and general changes in wealth and production to create fastest world. I was born on the day when Embassy World Snooker Championship was completed and was last day. Also let me clear you I am not responsible for natural calamity which occurred in Coalinga, California - earthquake of 6.7. The Rock of WWF shares same birthday of me.Dani Sordo a Spain rally driver and me was born on same day in different countries. About Me:- Stubborn,serious,creative,mind reader, try to get myself in innovative circle, Fame crazy in areas, little humorous, when free I will speak a lot, high sense of understanding ,little lazy and hardworking nature. Achievements in life:- My Education Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Bachelors in Science - MPCs and Masters in Business Administration - Information systems Life driving skills: Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator Cisco Certified Network Administrator Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator Information Technology Infrastructure library Certified Passionate and crazy about: Watches, Mobiles, tatoos, Currency collection, travel, photography, science, hacking and problem solving. I am in my late adolescence and enjoyed lot in life. Life time Experiences: Worked as Service Advisor and Automobile Technical support in TATA and Hyundai Service stations Worked in CITI Bank as Card Data Processor. Worked as Hardware and Network trainee in a Small AMC based firm. Worked as IT Security Analyst, Systems Administrator, Server Administrator, Network Analyst, Network Engineer and Assistant Manager in Worlds top Bank – Financial giant. Working as Network Product Specialist in Worlds top Automobile & OEM Company. Places Visited till now. Many parts of India, few parts of United Kingdom, few parts of Sweden & Denmark. Words, Proverbs and Teachings I believe in. Swami Vivekananda, Che Guevara and Baghat Singh. Try, try and try till you reach your goals. Dedication, Decipline, Sacrifice and passion leads you to Success in 99.9 cases. Luck is only considered as 1% and remaining 99% is of hard work – determination.