Santhosh kumar B S


As my name suggest i'm not behind anything other than my happiness, i enjoy designing and developing those alone, and yes i'm alone, i design what every one want to have, i imagine what no one can think of it.

Never do business with Friends, if you are doing make sure you never bring your friendship in between for any deal.

I just wanted to learn how to lead a life and in the urge of learning about life I lost my self in hunting for the shortcuts. Even after knowing shortcuts never exist I’m still in search of those shortcuts.

People will come into your life to teach you what is happiness, but be careful and try to learn what is sadness also because happiness alone does’t serve any purpose.

I took nearly few years (almost 20+ years) just to understand the meaning of best friend and meaning of keeping quite. Really it’s wonderful feeling.

Some time we hurt our closed one without knowing their value and their time for us, once we understand things won't be the same, when you face the same situation which you created for the closed one then only you will understand their value in your life, never loose that person. The best you can do for them is give your time and keep them happy always.

Expectation always hurts, the only way to be happy is be your self always, make sure you are not depending on anyone for ur happiness

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    • UX Designer
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    • BE From SJCE, Mysore