Santiago Caamaño

Software Engineer and Student in Montevideo Department, Uruguay

Seasoned QA leader, with six years of experience working for the travel/tourism world leader; three and a half years in the leading software factory in LATAM and one for the leading food delivery company in LATAM. Entrepreneur , currently being incubated with a project of agrotech and IoT in the local government's sponsored electronics business incubator, managed by LATU, Antel and the Ministry of Industry. Fast learning and analytical thinking have helped me become a referent in the teams I participated, being awarded prizes for innovation. Team player , capable of keeping the composure under pressure, helping the team to reach their goals , especially with projects with aggressive deadlines. Easiness to integrate and lead teams, be them local or remote. Open to changes, quick adaptation to them and always craving to learn new things.

  • Education
    • ORT Uruguay