Hi, Welcome to a piece of me.

Ok, if you are here it is probably because:

A) You received a cup of hot coffee with an invitation to come in.

B) Someone just told you about this particular crusade to get a job.

C) You just felt into this site by one random mistake looking for something else.

Whatever the reason was, please make yourself comfortable, and let me introduce myself briefly. My name is Santiago Moreno; I am an advertising professional who just arrived to Colombia after almost 2 years living in Australia, I am currently looking for a job in the industry, but as you maybe can deduce for this profile I have not found one yet.

Some people may say that things are quiet hard right now, that the economy is going down and that if you are not well related you will not be able to get a job in advertising. However, since I have memory the conditions have been the same and there are still people getting nice jobs with decent salaries, and there are still companies that believe in people with skills and talent, companies committed to make space in their budgets to hire people with ideas and love for the industry. If you are part of one of these companies, I invite you to check my full profile, maybe I can be one of these lucky guys with a nice job and a decent salary.

Thank you very much for coming, it has been nice to have you here, see you soon ;)