Santiago Ramirez

Student in Colima, Col, México

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Hey mates!, My name is Santiago, I´m 16 years old, I´m from Colima, México, you might don´t know where the hell is Colima, but i can assure you that it´s in México. I study at University of Colima. I live with my family in a house. It sounds kinda dry but something i like to do is think, have something on my mind, have my own thoughts, i like read, watch series, play some videogames, travel and be a nice person. I don´t have something that bothers me if i can be honest. My habits are so simple, stuff of a normal teenager, when i go out from school i go home, do some homework, eat something, maybe watch Netflix, and if i can play on the ps4. I think that´s pretty much i can tell about me on thi blog. See ya! Later my readers