Writer and Editor in Palm Bay, Florida

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Slider is the Host and founder of The M Cluster, formerly a weekly You Tube show that focuses on discussing movies, but extends to all corners of general geekdom. (I say formerly because I have found a need to fallback and re-group - which has proven to be not the easiest of tasks.)

He is a bit of an enigma, even to himself. He considers himself a renaissance man of sorts, having dabbled in writing, acting, singing and having work experiences ranging from delivering pizzas to working on worldwide information systems for Fortune 500 companies to digging for soil samples on a remote island off the coast of Africa. He has traveled most of the world, but would like to see the rest of it.

In his words "The art of storytelling has always been something that has fascinated me. More than anyone I know, I was truly raised by television and the movies. So doing this show is my attempt at being part of that world with which I feel so familiar."

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