Santiago Montoya

Student in Medellín, Colombia

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Greetings, he's Santiago. He's 18 years old. He was born in Medellín, Colombia. He's studying psychology at EAFIT university.

He has one brother and one sister. Their names are Mateo and Isabella.

He's single.

Santiago reads books and eating in his free time. He likes The Walking Dead. It's his favorite TV show. Also he loves pets.

Santiago likes all kinds of food, especially pizza and cola.

Santiago loves to travel, so he would like to visit all countries in the world. Also he likes to read. His favorite book is I'll Give You The Sun.

Santiago would like to study French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, German and Italian.

Santiago doesn't like physical sport. Also he's proud to be Rabenclaw.

So far, the most important moment of his life it was his graduation.

Finally, Santiago sees himself in five years like a handsome and sexy psychologist.