Santiago Manes Moreno

Los Angeles, California, United States

Santiago Manes Moreno is a film, TV, and commercial director, producer, and writer who was born in Madrid, Spain, and is currently residing in Beverly Hills, California. He has traveled from the jungles of Brazil to the skyscrapers of Hong Kong, producing and directing dozens of projects for international clients like Mercedes and Giorgio Armani.

On his journey across the globe, Santiago has amassed extensive business experience and an enviable international list of contacts. A few highlights in the journey are his partnership with Higher Ground, an Entertainment services company in Europe endorsed by UNESCO, and his involvement in the launch of MCUBED3, a production services and consulting company that bridges entertainment and production business with the Asian continent.

During his days in the director's program at the American Film institute, Joel Silver used to call him "a talented guy that never sleeps". And those who know him well always remember him by the tireless quote passed on to him by once writing mentor John Milius. "Never surrender."

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