Santiago Perea Castillo

My experience in my work is based efforts and skills inculcated by teachers, peers and bosses you had. We have handled important positions for young age and race have, in addition to recommendations and those who have worked. Management and board topics that interest me from my work quickly which has benefited me to create a good profile, plus a good resume. My personal progress has been in constant evolution, i tend to take all the opportunities and without fear of change. I tend to love and be the best at what I intend, this achievement on the basis of the experiences and the experiences that i see and i learn every day with my colleagues. My experiences and my main skills: Area of graphic design, interior design, industrial design, architectural design and technical voi. Web Development. Created of app. In OS x86 and x64 architectures in the three main branches(Linux, Windows and MacOX). Field Sales and telemarketing. Team Leader. Supervisor/Coordinator of solutions with their respective roles. Specialized sales executive Administrator of Capital Financial Advisory Technical in: carpentry, Turner, technical computing and Secretariat.