Santiago RP

Student in Manizales, Colombia

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My name is Santiago Romero, In this essay I am going to tell you about my, my likes and dislikes, my inspirations and motivations, the current world and a critique of this, and what I would like to do.

I like the history of the Western world and it's great protagonists and heroes throughout history, as it is an inspiration and motivation for my, such as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Constantine I, Richard the Lionheart, Frederick Barbarossa, Napoleon I, Erwin Rommel, George Patton, among others; Because they demonstrate and teach people courage, a different kind of thinking, great goals and being someone special in order to change the world; I like to listen to electronic music, I like to dress smart, I like blond women with light eyes; I like to make better effort and improve myself,to be bigger, better than others and to be better than people who have changed the world.

I do not like today's society, a society that does nothing to grow and demonstrate what very few people have tried to do and what most people have not done, a society that has been driven by other countries or has no power of freedom ; I also do not like the people who steal from others because they only hurt society more and do not let it advance; I don't like milk, lateness, lack of discipline and waste of time

I would like to go to Sweden, Latvia or Germany, because there are many beautiful women, I would like to visit several European countries like England, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and visit old and important places, I would like to drive in many Mercedes Benz, like Maybach jeep and car models, helping people; Wearing Brioni; To teach a new essential education to the young, to make philanthropic causes and to live in the Balearic Islands as in Mallorca and Ibiza, Monaco and in Catalonia and to participate in various festivals in Ibiza.

In my essay I talked about things I liked and not, about me, what I would like to do, focus on points that I would like to do in my life, talk about people, society, and my tendencies; Talk about my inspirations and motivations, and my purpose as a human being, talk about the importance for me of learning from the big ones and being better than them.