Santiago Sevilla

Student in San Antonio, Texas

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Hello, my name is Santiago, and I'd like to share with you that I'm known for beinga very active but serene person at the same time who is currently living life as a student and will continue that way until I reach my goals in life, I am living in San Antonio, Texas for the moment. I plan on living life as fun as i can and take advantage of my young years while I still have them. I love road-tripping when going with friends, making experiences along the way and making memories that can last and be told one day, I'm a fan of photography because it captures what one experiences and sees, art because it allows me to express how I feel or what I see in a more vivid way, and i also love travelling with family because family makes everything better. I’m also interested in music and the outdoors. "Go where you like and like where you go", live up to that and life will be in colors. Click on "view my portfolio" to see that I am not only like whom I described I was but to see how I live life at the fullest and still make room for my necessities and future.