Santi Babaran

Santi is a part-time professional photographer, retoucher, and web designer based in Northern California.

Santi desire to pursue photography seriously evolved from his first steps as an amateur photographer taking photos of his sons and their friends. His unique ability to capture the uninhibited and candid moments of these children, combined with the extensive praise that he has received from friends, family, and other professional photographers for the quality of his work has inspired him to pursue his craft professionally.

Santi's extensive background in information technology has allowed him to excel in digital photography post-production, an aspect of photography in which other aspiring digital photographers struggle. In particular, he is very comfortable with digital imaging hardware and software, which gives him the ability to optimize his work in the digital darkroom and ultimately the tools to enhance flat images and make them visually appealing.

Santi's style of shooting can be best described as candid, contemporary, unique, and a lot of fun. He shoots with a special blend of passion and enthusiasm, with the ultimate goal of creating timeless images of moments that will be memorable and that will last forever.