Judith Santibanez

Student, Youth Leader, and Big Sister in San Antonio, Texas

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Hello, my name is Judith Santibanez. I am a girl who enjoys the comforting symphony of city life and the neon lights that shower its silhouette. I am an avid lover of noodles and I often indulge gluttonously into a bowl of ramen every other week. Aside from stuffing my face with microwaveable meals I actually possess rookie talent in cooking and anticipate every lingering second of waiting for my pasta to reach the perfect level of al dente. Furthermore, babies are my ultimate weakness and I will more than happily clean up spit from a child's drooling mouth if it grants me the honor of squishing their rosy marshmallow cheeks. Compassion and understanding are my best qualities and more than often am I asked to tone down on the cuddling. I am no stranger to the downfalls of life, but I use my experience to help others in their tribulations. My love for humanity is what drives me to move forward and fight against any thoughts that tell me I'm anything less than irreplaceable.