Santina Nyagah


Santina Nyagah


"Live Curious"

If there were two words to describe me, those two would be IT.

Every day there is something that has got to be improved especially in the way we run businesses and communicate with each other.

Living in Africa a continent with vibrant retail and investment sectors, we need to get better at saying we mean business.

That is why i am here.

To get that message out.

For business in Africa to grow themselves into global brands,they need to understand global markets,trends and best practices.They need to be working on improving their business culture everyday.

That is another reason i am here.

To help them .

For global brands who find a home on the continent,there is no better way to starting out doing business on the continent than understanding local culture.

That is the other reason i am here.

To provide insight.

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  • Work
    • Social Media Management Services and Consultation
  • Education
    • Bsc in Food and Nutrition